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Monday, December 3, 2012


A quick "thank you" to all the folks buying Cherche' jewelry at the Queen Bee! It's going quite well. It took me a while to get my act together after the baby, but I now feel like I've hit a stride. It's nice. I feel like I'm "back."

I've said time and time again my thoughts on jewelry and antique jewelry in particular. You've all heard me talk of the sentiment behind the piece that you acquire. Maybe I'm nostalgic, but I will always remember that my mom gave me her grandmothers gold necklace and earring set for Christmas when I was sixteen. I will always remember that my husband gave me a sterling and turquoise bracelet on our honeymoon. Feelings are evoked when I wear certain pieces of jewelry.

When I ran across an article on Pinterest via Garden and Gun, I knew I wanted to share here. It pretty much talks about what I've been saying on the topic of jewelry. It's an article about charm bracelets, something that is near to my heart. It's so personal and lovely.

If interested, read here.

Because I love relationships, sentiment, and stories, I therefore love jewelry. What better or more personal keepsake could there be?

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